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Drawaholics Anonymous was founded in May 2017 at the Academy of Art University by Concept Art Lead Instructor Michael Buffington, with the prime directive of helping students fall in love with drawing by “creating a culture of excellence.” As a concept artist, Buffington knew that the need for quick and effective drafting abilities was paramount, so he developed this drawing community to provide students with multiple skill-building practices. It is designed to be a positive environment, helping to alleviate discouragement that comes with the process of learning art. The Drawaholics administration is made up of the most dedicated, hard working students and alumni who enrich the Drawaholics community as a whole.

Drawaholics Anonymous became the fastest growing club in the history of the university. Currently, the club has hundreds of members, three dozen of whom have already completed their 2,500 Challenge and are now tackling higher challenges. Several of our graduated members are currently working in major AAA gaming and animation studios.

We host a wide variety of events including workshops, study groups, and sketch crawls, and occasionally feature guest speakers. Additionally, Drawaholics Anonymous has an active online community that allows members to connect from all over the world via our Discord – which every member has access to.

So, what does it take to become a Drawaholic? Simply commit to and complete the 2,500 Challenge! All are welcome to join. Once you finish the 2,500 Challenge you become a member for life and can continue your momentum and growth through higher challenges. Alternatively, you can simply come to events and hang around and continue gracing the community with your awesomeness!

Welcome to our drawing family.

Happy Level-ups!

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