Drawaholics Anonymous

By signing up and submitting a contract to take part in the 2,500 with us you agree to the following:

In any event, virtual or on-site, the group is NOT liable for anything and can not be held accountable in the court of law. The group is not liable for theft of property, damage to property, harm of an individual or anything else. Each member of the group is responsible for themselves, their own property, and their own reputations. Even though the group is not held liable, we will still cooperate with authorities and take every step necessary to ensure the safety and protection while at Drawaholics events.

While we take steps to ensure the safety and protection of our member’s information, hacking can happen. The group is not held liable for any hacking. However, the information provided is not substantial enough for identity fraud: Note how we do not request birthdays, security questions, etc. Leadership secures the information to the best of our abilities and does not divulge any information for any reason. Members are responsible for their own information and if they choose to divulge sensitive information within the group, that is their own prerogative and the group is not responsible for how other members use that information. We use the information only to confirm identities and membership, and to get ahold of members individually in the event of urgency.

WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE! We promote diversity in every shape, color, alignment, etc. If a member is found discriminating, they are subject to in-group disciplinary action including but not limited to full ban from all group community hubs. If the individual discriminated against wishes to pursue criminal charges, we will cooperate, as we do not condone this behavior in any case. However, we can not assist with the pursuit itself. It is to be taken against the individual responsible and not the group. Leaders are no exception to this rule. That being said, the group does have a code of conduct. That code of conduct can be viewed here and any infringements are subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, full ban. The code of conduct is primarily based around social behavior in protection of each individual member and the group's growth-oriented environment as a whole.

Leadership takes the safety and quality of the environment of the group very seriously. A member can be kicked out and banned at any time for any reason, and that reason can be provided to the individual by leadership upon request. A member may be banned for a period up to a week while Leadership deliberates on necessary disciplinary action. Permanent ban is subject to a leadership vote and is not the decision of one sole individual. The member that is banned, depending on severity, may have an opportunity to reform behavior, as to err is human and we are built around growth. Alternatively, the individual can appeal to the Leadership if they wish to continue with the group against the decision. Any attempted lawsuit against the group by a member who is banned will be considered retaliation and will not be entertained. By signing the contract every member agrees to this and understands that in order to provoke the leadership to vote on disciplinary actions their own actions must have been extreme, their reaction even more so, and they themselves are the ones responsible for their actions and thusly the resulting decision. TLDR: If you’re kicked out, it is for a legitimate reason and you can not pursue legal action against the group if you are unhappy about the decision. Leadership takes the safety and diversity of it’s members very seriously, and will react accordingly to protect all of it’s members against aggressive or negative behavior. See code of conduct for more information.

If a member is paying a fee and chooses to leave, that is there prerogative. Refunds are only applicable to the month of contract termination. If a member fails to inform leadership either via email or via the Discord #dac-leadership-office chat, or messaging a leader directly, the backlog of months are not refundable. Upon contract termination all information remains secured and the member can voluntarily leave the community hubs or will be booted upon termination processing.

Any art posted on the website or any Drawaholics platform is property of the artist themselves, however can be used to promote the Drawaholics with proper accreditation to each artist. This is a community of artists! We promote our members when possible! Any publications will be called out for, properly credited, and discussed with the artist in the event of official publications. If a member feels like they are not properly credited, they need only speak to a Leader to fix the accreditation. Any Drawaholics merchandise sold is property of the Drawaholics and discussed with the contributing artist prior to it’s release. No member art will be sold without written consent/licensing.

Drawaholics at this time does not own or claim any intellectual properties other than our own club merchandise/logos. It is not to be used in any form other than an approved/official Drawaholics project. Any art shown on Drawaholics platforms is reviewed, but in the case of fan art or if something slips by unnoticed, any claim suits are to be taken with the individual artist. The group itself is not to be held responsible, and will fix anything covered by a claim and cooperate where needed. If an artist is found infringing upon any other artist or company’s rights, disciplinary action may be taken. Note: We do promote the study of artists, known as style studies or master studies (common in art education). We do not claim any work that is studied, but may share and promote it, though not as thoroughly as we would self-generated characters and art.