1. Don’t be negative on yourself. The Drawaholics environment is one of taking pride in our artistic growth and journey. We discourage excessive negativity and self put-downs, like "I'm never going to succeed" or "this is too hard." We encourage emotional honestly like "I'm frustrated with this concept."

2. Be respectful and mature. We are all young professionals!

3. No Discrimination. Ever. About anything. Everyone here is unique in their own ways and we encourage everyone to embrace each other and their uniqueness. Discrimination will not be tolerated.

4. Do not interfere with others' growth! Do not bash others, insult, degrade, or belittle, regardless of skill level.

5. Absolutely no threats, arguments, attacks, bullying, etc.

6. Sometimes sensitive topics, like politics and religion, are discussed for the sake of research and character development. Do not get offensive/defensive in these discussions, it is unprofessional and uncalled for – simply don't participate if you can't stay professional.

7. NO STEALING! We're all growing artists and share work openly. Do not steal others' work AT ALL. If you want to share their work to promote them, discuss with them prior to sharing. All stolen work will be removed promptly.

8. Self-promotion builds confidence and is encouraged. Advertisements and spam are not permitted. There is a classified channel if you want to sell something within the group.

9. NSFW Clause: We allow and encourage artistic nudity in this group to properly study the human form. Lewd, suggestive, or fetish work may be subject to removal.

10. Respect Leadership! They work hard to ensure everyone benefits from a positive, growth-oriented environment. If you are found to be behaving against these guidelines Leadership will intervene. Extreme behavior will prompt immediate action including, but not limited to, expulsion from the group.