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I, _____[your name here]______, want to endeavor to build my skills with the Drawaholics Anonymous Community. I want to contribute to its primary goal of Creating a Culture of Excellence that drastically improves the drafting skills and attitudes of all of its members. I will attend events as able. I also acknowledge my membership is temporary until I complete the primary challenge, the 2,500. I intend to fulfill this
requirement by reviewing the 2,500 FAQ and finishing within one year of signing. I understand that growth is not something to be embarrassed about but is something to be proud of and embraced. By signing this contract, I am immersing myself in a community of dedicated young artists who share the same goals of awesome drafting skill-development. I agree to adhere to and respect the community’s Code of Conduct, as that is in place to protect all members, including myself, from negativity and growth-hindering occurrences. Additionally, I agree to the Drawaholics Terms and Conditions. I also understand that volunteer positions may become available to Full Members to help empower and grow the community. As a unique individual in my own stage of my artistic journey, I will not shy from these openings, and, where possible, contribute my uniqueness to help enrich the community for my fellow Drawaholics!

I want to be awesome! I want to help make this group more awesome! I will seek to help my artistic peers embrace their own awesomeness! Most importantly, I want to have fun mastering my craft!

Thanks for submitting!

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* We will send a welcome packet, rare crucial group announcements, and any newsletters you sign up for; otherwise you will not be contacted in any way through this information. Most updates happen in the community Discord and Facebook, and we often reach out to members as needed through one of those social medias. Phone numbers are for In Case of Emergency or when urgent contact is needed. Your information is protected and will not be used for solicitation or sold in any way. For these reasons, please update your contact information with us via email if anything changes!

After completing your 2,500 you gain a life-time membership to the community.

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