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The Drawaholics Anonymous community sees artists from different nations, fields and skill levels come together for a single purpose: Honing their artistic craft while learning from and supporting other likeminded individuals. With hundreds of members to our name, dozens of whom have completed our 2,500 challenge, Drawaholics Anonymous has proven pivotal in pushing forward the creative careers of many an artist.

Are you interested in joining us in creating a culture of creative excellence? Consider joining our online community via Discord. There, you can keep up to date with our numerous online and in-person workshop events, get feedback on your 2,500 challenge process or even get information on streams hosted by our many past and present leaders.

Join today, pick up a pencil and get involved!

Join Us: Join Us

* Most updates happen in the community Discord and we often reach out to members as needed through one of those social medias.  Your information is protected and will not be used for solicitation or sold in any way. For these reasons, please update your contact information with us via email if anything changes!

After completing your 2,500 you gain a life-time membership to the community.

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